Mindset One-to-One Coaching

Mindset coaching to support you to achieve more, worry less, and break out of your shell, leaving you feeling calm and balanced and confident in work, at home, and in all social situations.

I offer a tailored 8 week Coaching programme empowering you to feel more positive and to clear the mind of unhelp worry and replace it with positivity and an appreciation of the good things in your life.

I help you make changes on the go and our sessions are full of down to earth actionable advice you can put into practice immediately in as little as 15 minutes each day.

Throughout the course we work through a unique 12 step Achieve More, Worry Less framework TM (time spent on each depends on your individual needs.)

We work with the following coaching tools  all designed to help you to beat negative feelings of stress and worry, take control of overwhelm and develop the mindset and confidence to achieve success at work and home: Mindfulness exercises, Meditation, Business coaching frameworks, Reflective coaching, Journalling, Breathing exercises.

Delivered through weekly one hour coaching calls, with additional content & teaching shared online to offer flexible, accessible & concise learning & development to busy professionals.

By the end of the course you become your own coach and you are able to manage your practice entirely on your own in a way that fits seamlessly with your lifestyle.  You won’t need an app as you will have copies of all the tools and frameworks and recordings of your favourite meditations and all other mindfulness practices.

Set up a discovery call for a no obligation chat through the personal coaching options.

Meet Diane

I’m Diane and I spent 11 years as an entrepreneur and business mentor while raising 2 children. The pressure of multiple roles and responsibilities led me to spend a lot of time worrying I wasn’t quite living up to my own expectations and abilities and that I was letting others down.

If I’d had awareness, I would have seen that I was letting myself down as I never had any time or energy left for me, and was instead always living with the belief I should be doing more. I often thought others expected that I should be doing more and being better at it.

To help combat feelings of overwhelm I stepped up my mindfulness practice and applied the principles of business coaching techniques and building new habits into my own life.  My aim was to find a way to step off the hamster wheel and get a new perspective on my goals and values and how my current lifestyle was taking me closer or further away from them.

It’s time to flourish, be still, look within -
there you will find the answer.

You must begin by knowing that you have already arrived.

I hit 44 and had the sudden realisation that I wanted to enjoy the journey and not just keep my nose to the grindstone throughout my whole life. I woke up to the fact that the reason for life was to live it, not endure it today and hope tomorrow comes good.

I became a UKCMM Accredited Practitioner/ Teacher of Mindfulness, approved by the British Psychological Society.  I combined all my knowledge and skills to develop a programme that helped me keep focus and clarity while I was in each role.

The results were that I felt more energetic, slept better and lost 15kg in weight as I was once again in control of my thoughts and habits.

My relationships were more fulfilling as I was able to listen and respond, not react, to my family and friends and be there for them. At work, I felt more confident and in control and my fear turned to excitement as I started achieving my goals.

I knew I had uncovered a powerful tool that would benefits so many other people and so I set the intention to share these teachings with others.

I now love being able to empower other through teaching these skills and while some of what I share could be seen as just good old fashioned down to earth common sense, so many people say to me that while they knew it, having me as a sounding board helped them realise they knew it and take action on it.

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10 minute masterclass - 10 easy ways to reduce worry.

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For people who have an established practice or basic knowledge of mindfulness, this group helps you keep your practice a habit to enable you to keep enjoying the benefits. The community forums give support.

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One to one coaching helps you to accelerate your learning as we can tailor all the material to suit your situation and work through using examples of what’s happening in your life right now. Join our 8 week Coaching Programme now.

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