Switches off autopilot

Mindfulness is about switching off autopilot and experiencing the present moment as it is, through all five senses rather than through the fog of the thinking mind. Mindfulness gives us space to detach from unhelpful thought patterns, thus freeing us from the suffering of our own minds. This widens the possibilities open to us, helps us recognise the positives in our life and can help us tap into our own intuitive ability to enable better decision making.

Mindfulness stops our mind wandering

A wandering mind has been proven to be an unhappy mind as the thoughts often become negative. Even if they stay neutral, and even positive, research has shown that we are never happier in thoughts.

Mindfulness is a way of cultivating presence in our daily life.

It’s a more helpful way to relate to our thoughts

Many people get caught up in their thoughts, particularly negative thoughts and the story they wrap around these. This can negatively impact on thoughts, feelings and behaviour and ultimately to our relationship with self and others. Mindfulness helps create some space and objectivity from our thinking mind. This gives us a mental rest and enables us to choose how to respond to these thoughts.

It is a more helpful way of relating to our thoughts and feelings that helps keep us in the present moment and for us to see and experience our world through all five senses rather than just through our busy thinking mind. This helps us live a happier version of our life.

Mindfulness changes the physical structure of the brain

Mindfulness literally grows new gray matter in the brain

Mindfulness meditation builds gray matter in the pre frontal cortex, the area of the brain associated with the executive functions that are higher level cognitive processes such as decision making, planning, problem solving, self control and control of emotions.

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