We know chronic stress is bad for us as the body has no time to recover but research has shown another important correlation; between our belief that stress is bad for us and it’s negative impact on our body.

A 1998 National Health Interview Survey (NHIS), Keller et al,  asked 30,000 people in the US, do you think stress is harmful for your health? 33% had already reported that stress impacted their health a lot or to some extent.

8 years later they analysed the results and studied death records and found higher levels of stress negatively impacted on health and mental wellbeing but the greatest impact of stress was to those who had a high level of stress and a perception that stress is bad for you.  This increased the risk of dying by 43%.

It can be difficult to manage exposure to stress levels in our 21st century lives, especially in the short term, but we can immediately reduce the impact it has on us by reframing stress as positive.

Our thoughts have incredible power over our body but we also have incredible power over our thoughts and even if we regard ourselves as negative people, we can change our mind and the physical structure of our brain to reframe stress through practicing mindfulness each day.

Finding as little as 10 minutes a day now could be the currency that buys you months or even years onto your life. If you’re ready to start today, email me at diane@timetoflourish.co.uk and I can help you get started.

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