There is sound scientific evidence that gratitude is a good health choice, that makes us healthier & happier

Gratitude is our emotion that relates to our ability to feel and express thankfulness and appreciation. Sounds simplem right? But sometimes we get so caught up in the negative that we forget to appreciate the positive that we experience.

It is an attitude as much as a feeling.

It’s an important part of mindfulness as it keeps us in the present moment and aligned with our feelings and emotions.

Gratitude helps us use the power of our thoughts in a positive way.

It’s best to build it during settled times, although sometimes it’s recognition of the bad bits that help us appreciate the good. Research shows gratitude increases if our mortality is in question, even if it’s only imagined.

It’s not about feeling grateful for bad things – it’s important to acknowledge and process the core emotion and that there are some things that we’d rather not experience. I heard Kyle Gray say that he doesn’t believe everything happens for a reason but rather you can find a reason in everything that happens. It’s up to us to dee the learning and growth and to interpret events as we wish.

Gratitude is recognising the good that can come along with the bad, sometimes it’s just recognising the learning, other times it’s uncovering a strength you didn’t know you had.

Studies have shown that keeping a gratitude diary for 2 weeks has a lasting positive effect for six months.

Gratitude exercises include:


going through a list in your mind,


saying thank you to others.

We can be grateful for the tiniest experience that brought us joy and feeling. The only cast iron rule I would say is that when you are making your gratitude list to consciously recall and experience once more the feelings the event stirred inside you. That helps your body and mind in the present moment by sending lots of feel good hormones throughout the body, reinforces those positive pathways in the brain, and if you believe in the power of manifestation then this is the ticket as like attracts like and it sends a signal that you are in this place ready to receive more of this good.

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