I watch people at events recording the event on their phone, often watching the whole event through their screen and I often wonder why they are settling for experiencing through the sense of Iphone when we are naturally programmed with these amazing senses to help us savour experiences in the present moment and automatically store them with vivid memories of sights, sounds, smells, feelings that can recalled any time anywhere for the rest of our life.

I remember doing a mini senses meditation while sitting on a cliff edge in Zante and the by consciously going through each sense and using it as a layer to build a complete picture I was able to store a vivid memory and even now I can recall it as if I experienced it yesterday.

This meditation has two purposes. The first is to help reawaken the senses and train them so that they can be called upon when we really want to savour and remember an event or experience. Secondly, it’s to help reduce stress and anxiety by training the mind to stay in the present moment, as that is the only moment we have control over, and it’s the place where life happens.

Please see an audio file of the meditation at the top of the page and the YouTube video version (with pictures of the Worcestshire countryside & my dogs) below. Enjoy!

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