The essence of mindfulness is being in the present moment; being in the here and now without worry, which is why when I was thinking about the name and identity of my mindfulness business I decided I wanted to incorporate the idea of time into the title. The time in Time to Flourish could represent making or taking the time out and investing it in yourself in order to flourish. In today’s busy world we very often put off taking time out for ourselves, thinking that we should be spending every minute being outwardly productive, in our job, family/home life and in our ‘spare’ time. Spending time on ourselves and on our own self development is sometimes perceived as a self-indulgence, or a bit woo woo. I want to change this perception as I believe it is self-mastery and leads to a more productive and happier life for self and others.

It’s time to flourish also represents the idea that it is something we should prioritise and not put off, because if not now, when? We will never get around to it, and in the meantime we are wasting time and in danger of drifting through life without passion or purpose. This can be demotivating and disheartening and can lead to negative thoughts and behaviour that can spread like wildfire through families, workplaces and communities.

The element associated with time that I have always struggled with is having patience and allowing things to unfold in their own time. This is also a fundamental principle of mindfulness, one that I am still working hard to develop myself and having it in the title helps remind me to sit back, be patient and allow things to unfold in their own time.

The idea of flourishing is all about finding our true purpose and passion and enjoying pursuing it and mastering a sense of flow as we immerse ourselves in it.  I believe we all have a purpose and a responsibility to uncover this and share it with the world. This not only develops us personally but also adds value to the collective community around us. It is so satisfying to experience the feeling of flow, the feeling of spending your time doing what you love, and seeing the difference it makes to others, and it is my personal mission to help as many people as I can find this.

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