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Things are different now.  Life moves fast and change is constant.

Our mindfulness courses empower you to master your mind, let go of negative thinking or anxious thoughts, and to rewire for positivity and happiness here and now.

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Practical down to earth exercises to help change your mindset and take control of negative fear based thinking & switch to a positive mindset.
7 accessible and easy to follow modules with all the tools you need to quickly start a daily practice & enjoy feeling more centred and balanced.

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Weekly zoom sessions in small groups, helping you learn and start benefitting from a regular mindfulness practice.

This 8-week mindfulness course introduces the foundations of mindfulness meditation and provides all the tools need to start a regular and effective practice.

It is designed to help you build resilience to stress, and anxiety and to empower you to take control back of your thoughts, emotions, and actions. This helps you to achieve more, worry less, and follow your path to happiness.

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I know you know mindfulness is good for you.

I know you want to try it

But just don’t know where to start.

So let me help…

This introduction to mindfulness shows you the basics and the steps you need to take and to be able to start practicing mindfulness.

Often the best way to understand something and how it can benefit you is to give it a try, which is why we developed this short course. It’s free and easy and only takes about 20 minutes to complete.



Finding the right work-life balance has always been challenging but over the last year it has become increasingly difficult.

The demands of homeworking are different and combined with the uncertainty and change of the current environment there is a danger that both productivity and mental wellbeing will suffer.

This 2 and a half-hour session teaches the Better Balance technique which combines productivity and mental wellbeing to help you find work-life balance and a feeling of calm.

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Mindfulness tools to help teenagers manage anxiety

The last year has been especially tough for teenagers.  Being away from school and cut off from peers, spending prolonged periods on online school lessons together with the added pressure of maintaining grades to ensure they can progress to the next levels of education or the workplace have made for a perfect storm of uncertainty and anxiety.

As the mother of a 17 and 19 year old I have been looking for ways to help and have found that mindfulness tools and techniques can help ease some of the anxiety.

In this 1 1/2 webinar, I share tips and tools for how to get control back of the overthinking mind and share meditation and mindfulness exercises to help rest and relax.  Often our children are spending large amounts of time feeling stressed and uneasy which has an knock on effect on their school work, their desire to keep in contact with friends and their relationships with family around them.

These skills will also help them build resilience to stress so are especially good for those sitting exams in the future.

This course is for parents and for teenagers.  Either come along on your own and then share the tools with your child or bring them to the webinar.

Stay up-to-date with our new courses and coaching tools.

Join the 10 minute masterclass - 10 easy ways to reduce worry.

Mindfulness coaching provides frameworks and tools to empower you to:

Change your mindset to let go of negative thinking and rewire the brain for positivity
Learn tools and tactics to thrive in change and uncertainty
Build resilience to stress & harness it to perform better
Feel confident you are meeting the standards you want to achieve at work and home
Achieve work life balance

Stress and anxiety thrive on fast paced uncertainty and busy lifestyles, which are here to stay.

Like a personal training programme for the mind, coaching is a great way to get in shape without missing a beat and reduces future burnout. It’s time to start looking after our mind’s in the same way that we eat well and exercise to look after our bodies.

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