8 week mindfulness course

This course helps you find balance and calm and break out of the mindless busyness and negativity that we can all find ourselves in.

It combines many of the exercises and meditations from the two major global mindfulness courses Mindfulness based Stress Reduction (MBST) and Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT).

My aim is to deliver it in a way that offers practical down-to-earth exercises that help you change your mindset and take control back of your negative or doubting mind.

This is intended for time-starved people who want to make changes on the go and see the benefits now.

 I help you build energy and focus it on what and who are important to you.

This is a growing mountain of scientific evidence of the benefits to health and wellbeing of having a regular mindfulness practice.

Within the course we consider:

Introduction to mindfulness What is mindfulness? How to set up, challenges & what to expect.
Discovering the attitude of mindfulness Understanding & promoting the attitudes of mindfulness.
Awareness of thoughts Understanding thoughts, default mode & how your mind works. Building awareness of the inner voice.
Mastering thoughts Recognising and overcoming unhelpful thinking & increasing awareness of emotions and sensations
Emotions & movement Inviting sensations and thoughts into the mind and to be felt in the body without attachment. Using movement in the body as meditation & to build clarity on what is being felt in any moment.
Building resilience Understanding pressure and stress and where you sit on the curve. Harnessing the power to find the sweet spot to maximise performance.
Rewiring for positivity The benefits of gratitude and starting a gratitude practice. Promoting heart coherence. The power of kindness.
Happiness & Fulfilment A look at what makes us happy and what gets in the way, especially the myths.

Everyone is able to access the benefits, all you need to do is start.

This course is delivered in small groups of up to 6 people through weekly coaching Zoom calls with resources also available online.

The group dynamic helps encourage accountability and we always learn through the discussions that arise each week.
(One to one options are also available with this course.)

Courses start throughout the year.  The next course will start:

Week commencing the 12th of April. A choice of sessions will be available, please complete the contact form below to register your interest and state your preferred time of day.

COST: £160


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