One-to-one Coaching

Mindset coaching to support you to achieve more, worry less, and break out of your shell, leaving you feeling calm and balanced and confident in work, at home, and in all social situations.

I offer a tailored 8 week Coaching programme empowering you to feel more positive and to clear the mind of unhelp worry and replace it with positivity and an appreciation of the good things in your life.

I help you make changes on the go and our sessions are full of down to earth actionable advice you can put into practice immediately in as little as 15 minutes each day.

Throughout the course we work through a unique 12 step Achieve More, Worry Less framework TM (time spent on each depends on your individual needs.)

Some of the main areas for consideration are:

Understanding your goals for the course and beyond
Mastering the mind to reduce rumination and anxiety about the future
Harnessing emotions
Building resilience to stress and change
Letting go of limiting beliefs
Switching to a more positive mindset
Learning to trust your inner wisdom & make decisions with confidence

We work with the following coaching tools  all designed to help you to beat negative feelings of stress and worry, take control of overwhelm and develop the mindset and confidence to achieve success at work and home:

Mindfulness exercises
Business coaching frameworks
Reflective coaching
Breathing exercises

Delivered through weekly one hour coaching calls, with additional content & teaching shared online to offer flexible, accessible & concise learning & development to busy professionals.

By the end of the course you become your own coach and you are able to manage your practice entirely on your own in a way that fits seamlessly with your lifestyle.  You won’t need an app as you will have copies of all the tools and frameworks and recordings of your favourite meditations and all other mindfulness practices.

Set up a discovery call for a no obligation chat through the personal coaching options.

Discover our other courses

The Insiders Ongoing Membership

For people who have an established practice or basic knowledge of mindfulness, this group helps you keep your practice a habit to enable you to keep enjoying the benefits. The community forums give support.

Young confident business coach explaining subject of training or new topic to group of students

Finding Stillness in a chaotic world is now live.

This course has been developed in 2020 to help us find balance and build resilience to the uncertainty and change around us.  Designed for the most time-starved individual this course is concise and full of practical down to earth tips and tools for you to work through at your own pace.

Ayurveda Coaching Program Practitioner
One-to-one Coaching

One to one coaching helps you to accelerate your learning as we can tailor all the material to suit your situation and work through using examples of what’s happening in your life right now. Join our 8 week Coaching Programme now.

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