Tips and tools to help teenagers with mental wellbeing in the pandemic

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Thanks for joining us for this quick guide to help teens navigate the stress that the pandemic has put on them.

Teens have had a huge amount to cope with including, social isolation, lack of routine, long periods of online lessons and the added stress of uncertainty about exams leading to concern over results and the options for university places, jobs or even to choose the subjects at the next level.

Here I share tips and tools for how to get control back of the overthinking mind and guide you through basic meditation and mindfulness exercises to help rest and relax.  Often our children are spending large amounts of time feeling stressed and uneasy which has an knock on effect on their school work, their desire to keep in contact with friends and their relationships with family around them.

These skills will also help them build resilience to stress so are especially good for those sitting exams in the future.

We have developed 5 tips and tools for teenagers (and their parents) to help build resilience to the stress and find a way to alleviate the anxiety being faced on a daily basis.

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