Building the mindset to bring balance to home working (webinar)


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Finding the right work life balance has always been challenging but over the last year it has become increasingly difficult as the lines between work and home have become more blurred.  Working from home, often with families at home, is challenging and brings more pressure to be at the top of your work and home game 24 hours a day. At the end of each day it can be difficult to make time or energy for rest and relaxation let alone to do something for you.

This course has been developed by a corporate mental health specialist together with a mindfulness coach to offer practical tools and takeaways that can be easily adopted in order to achieve your goals at work and home in a productive way while ensuring you maintain high levels of energy for yourself.

Jennifer and Diane have combined their skills to develop an innovative productivity and wellbeing technique called the Better Balance technique.

The Better Balance technique provides the tools required to increase both productivity and wellbeing. It incorporates frameworks to manage workload, build a resilient mindset to increase mental focus, clarity and also includes built in periods to ensure adequate breaks are taken.

By the end of the webinar you will have all the tools to help establish a daily routine that keeps the focus on work when at work and to then switch off at the end of the day.

The session is delivered to groups through Zoom and lasts 2 ½ hours.  At the end of the session you will also receive a PDF download with the Better Balance technique, full of productivity frameworks and mindfulness tools in addition to meditations to help you focus in the day and relax at night.

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