Mindfulness Coaching to Help you Find Balance in a Chaotic World

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Practical tips & a toolkit to make small changes that have a big impact & help you feel:
Calm & balanced
Confident in your abilities
Resolute in what your goals are & how to move towards them
Grateful that you can enjoy the little things (& big things) that you experience everyday
Connected to others

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Mindfulness Coaching


This group helps you keep your practice a habit, helping you to keep enjoying the benefits. It provides support and accountability as well as new practices, tips & tools to keep your mindfulness practice fun & valuable to your everyday life.

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Finding Stillness in a chaotic world is now live.

This course has been developed in 2020 to help us find balance and build resilience to the uncertainty and change around us.  Designed for the most time-starved individual this course is concise and full of practical down to earth tips and tools for you to work through at your own pace.

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One-to-One Coaching

One to one coaching helps you to accelerate your learning as we can tailor all the material to suit your situation and work through using examples of what’s happening in your life right now. No need to wait for the next course to start, you can join our 8-week Coaching Programme now.

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Our Coach

Diane Titterton

I first discovered the benefits of mindfulness when I was pregnant when it helped me throughout my pregnancy, with the birth and then the demands of caring for a newborn. When I returned to work I continued to use mindfulness to help whilst setting up my business and juggling work commitments with family life. I found that mindfulness gave me greater clarity and focus and helped me maintain a sense of perspective when things got tough.

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Tips and tools to help teenagers with mental wellbeing in the pandemic

Tips and tools to help teenagers with mental wellbeing in the pandemic

The first thing to point out (without it sounding too obvious) is that we are only human, and being human means we have been given some pretty basic brain equipment that was ideally designed for living in tribes on the plains where wild animals and other real physical dangers were present every day. In an ideal world, we would have…

Senses Meditation

Senses Meditation

I watch people at events recording the event on their phone, often watching the whole event through their screen and I often wonder why they are settling for experiencing through the sense of Iphone when we are naturally programmed with these amazing senses to help us savour experiences in the present moment and automatically store them with vivid memories of…

The Benefits Of Gratitude

The Benefits Of Gratitude

There is scientific evidence that grateful people are more resilient to stress, whether minor everyday hassles or major personal upheavals. The benefits: Puts us in a positive frame of mind. Improved physical, emotional and social well-being Connects us with the people and world around us. Improved relationships Better understanding of ourselves – what we appreciate tells us about who we…

What Our Clients Say


I was unsure if I could commit to the practice each day but making those 10 minutes count ensured a better calmer day and a better me.

Following a commitment to daily practice each morning I have noticed a decrease in my anxiety levels. My general mental well being feels more positive. I feel that with regular daily meditation I am training myself to take a step back, observe and breathe instead of reacting in a way that was exhausting and consuming of all of my energy.



I have been given the tools I need to practise mindfulness wherever I am so I feel secure and confident living my life to the full.


Diane has been a vital part of the success of my start up business. I could honestly say that without Diane my business wouldn’t exist. She has guided me through with no judgement and with so much love and understanding. When I have gone through challenges Diane has given me tools to work with to take my business to the next level.


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